improving young adults lives, BY

knowledge and understanding!

Youth services & Resources


We provide young adults with an essential passage to self-sufficiency.

During the cycle of life when young adults first become teenagers they start adapting 
learned traits to daily activities.
As an informative interventional mechanism our pamphlets alter
at risk youths decision making process by granting them the opportunity to learn about and seek out available resources through our services. In which
this process assist young adults
in becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent during the intricate period of growth into adulthood. 




Our Pamphlets

"We would like to thank A.F.O.Y. for reaching out and providing us with their pamphlet. Our peers have strong support systems and options. As young adults coming from broken homes were forced to deal with life altering experiences  on a daily bases.  With nowhere to turn before headed down the wrong path we received their pamphlets in which  changed our thought process, outlook, and lives forever; Simply, by knowing that there's A.F.O.Y. and obtainable supportive services out there in which cater to our needs and that's just one phone call away. " 

Keeping our youth informed is the best way to prepare them for the future... 

A Fountain of Youth Inc.

Youth Supporters, Advocates & Agencies. Please Contribute to our worthy cause.

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Dachell White 

Through supportive agencies

we provide young adults with 

a pamphlet of accesible services.

Listed services are carefully selected to meet the  general needs of young adults. 

In 2011 A Fountain of Youth Inc. was founded. 

Since incorporation our mission has saved

many lives through the circulation and our 

distribution of A.F.O.Y. supportive pamphlets.

The United States Government has determined 
that it is essential for all of society to have accessibleresources in order to uplift the economy; As anecessity, in 2011 A Fountain of Youth Inc. was founded. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization our mission is based upon keeping at riskyouth between the ages of 14-26 informed of available government supported resources for at risk youths.