At Risk Youth

To ensure at risk youth obtain an essential passage towards self-sufficiency & productivity within society..

“People give money for all kinds of organizations to help whatever the funders want, they give money to save animals, scholarships, people in other countries.. Like we have an abundance of wealth to just give away. The handful of services in my community rarely cater to me, than when they help there’s all kinds of restrictions and lack of funds. I was beginning to think I’d be better off dead until I was handed an A.F.O.Y. pamphlet.” 

Elias Headley,


A Fountain Of Youth

Our Misson

  • Who is A Fountain of Youth, Inc.? A non-profit organization in support of at risk youth.
  • What services do we provide? We analyze youth statistics, evaluate programs and their  efficiency, create and distribute resourceful pamphlets to local public youth agencies. 
  • When our founders performed research on a failing economy, they learned that At Risk Youth were at the core & vowed to improve society by performing risk management. 
  • Where conveniently located in the heart of New York City to reach out to as many young adults in need as well as were the at risk youth population is dominant.
  • Why support A.F.O.Y. Inc.? Simple! Naturally, Individuals and Organizations would like support the needs of a worthy cause. 
  • How do we eliminate risk? A Fountain of Youth, Inc.By making services considered to be impossible to maintain possible for youth to obtain.
  • Can it be done? Yes! A.F.O.Y. have been able to provide at risk youth’s with our pamphlets. ​​​


Name: A Fountain of Youth, Inc.

Preventative Youth Services & Resources

Population Serve: At Risk Youth(s) Ages (14-26) 

Location: New York, N.Y. (U.S.A.)      Serving: Tri-State 

Contact: AFOYINC@Yahoo.Com

I.R.C.: 501(c)(3) Organization Exempt

Sections: 170(b)(1)(A)(vi), 2055, 2106, and 2522

Tax deductible bequest, devises, transfers & gifts


In a failing economy three youth advocates from New York City formed an allegiance to help combat an ailing society. In 2010 they combined their efforts & research only to learn that the at risk youth population was at the core of its problems. After researching the issue they decided to perform risk management. In the attempt, unlike most general philanthropist instead of donating to a public charity to bring positive change in 2011 they formed A Fountain of Youth, Inc. In which have been focused on combating risk factors pertaining to the disenfranchised youth population. They realized that by strategically creating and distributing youth resource pamphlets to supportive youth agencies such as Public High Schools, City & State Universities, public Libraries and religious institutions throughout the tri-state area they would be able to assist by preventing risk by limiting factors that plague at risk youth throughout the tri-state area..