Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessity freely available to them. Help us change that.


We have a simple mission: to give at risk youth the opportunity to become productive within society. The core population of our society are troubled young adults, we have taken the initiative to fine point the distinction between the at risk youth population, issues that plague them and how to prevent them.   

By providing our services we give the under privileged the opportunity to be made aware of and utilize resources the government made available to support the social infrastructure of troubled young adults.

Without services like ours it can be and has been incredibly difficult for society to help at risk youth. 

Pamphlet Project

What We’re Doing

Founded: 2011

Board: Annual teleconference, Board meeting,

            News Letter, Membership Dues/Receipt. 

Sponsors: Receive Annual Contribution Notices,

                   Pamphlets & Gratuities Exemption Receipts.

Short-term Goal: Obtain a space for our youth resource

                               walk-in and distribution center.

Long-term Goal: Make our services available globally.

Positions: Seeking Voluntary Grant Writers

                  & Board Members

Fund Source: Self-Funded 

A Fountain of Youth Inc. have chosen the New York Tri-State area because of its high at risk youth population and demographical structure.

We forward our pamphlets to public libraries, religious institutions, youth support agencies, high schools, city colleges & state universities not only to reach the at risk youth population; But also to calculate the amount of young adults with access to our services. 

Study have shown that each pamphlet circulated within an institution/organization if properly utilized and distributed would equate  to serving each participant of the program. 

By the use of our pamphlets with the support of the above listed agencies, donations, sponsorships and charitable we will be able to continue reaching out to millions of young adults in need of our services.​

Organization Info.